The Nigerian national museum, Lagos.

Awolowo Road (opp Muson Centre),Onikan, Lagos Island.

The Nigerian national museum Description

History of The Nigerian national museum

The Nigerian national museum was built in 1957to preserve Nigerian art. It is notable as The national museum where the bullet-ridden car of late General Murtala Muhammed can be seen.

It was built by Kenneth Murray in 1957.

Are you a lover of Nok culture, terracotta pieces and other famous Nigerian histories? The national museum is the ideal fun destination for that. It is home to Benin brasses, and of course, Late Murtala Muhammed's bullet-ridden car. It offers you the opportunity to give your ignorance in Nigerian history a short life span.

Security/Safety of The Nigerian national museum

This is a very safe location.

  • Ensure that bags or luggage's are not left unattended.

Things to do while at The Nigerian national museum

Before heading to The Nigerian national museum, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • visit the Nok art section
  • see the brass sculptures, royal crowns.

Best Features

It is home to Nigerian history

Most common visitors

Archaeologists, historians, art enthusiasts.




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Awolowo Road (opp Muson Centre),Onikan, Lagos Island.

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